Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Loreal For Women In Science

3 women scientists in Malaysia,
Has won the coveted Loreal-UNESCO,
For Women in Science Fellowship recently,
For research that tackles global challenges,
While potentially saving the lives of millions..

Dr Ho Weang Kee,
From University of Nottingham Malaysia..
The 35-year-old has clinched the award,
For her development of a risk prediction model,
For breast cancer..
Which uses DNA and lifestyle information,
To identify those at risk of the cancer,
For early detection...

Another winner,
Dr Jasy Liew Suet Yan,
From University Sains Malaysia,
Is recognised for building a system,
That detects signs of depression,
By analysing emotional patterns on social media.
The 32-year-old hopes that,
Emotion-sensitive technology,
Will encourage early diagnosis and treatment...

Dr Teh Su Yean,
Netted the award,
With her unification of science,
Engineering, technology and mathematics,
To protect coastal resources in Malaysia.
The 36-year-old associate professor,
Of the School of Mathematical Science,
At Univesiti Sains Malaysia,
Is building a model,
That will conserve groundwater,
Which may become crucial when other water source,
Are depleted due to global climate change.
Over RM900,000 in research grants,
Have been presented to 38 outstanding women scientists,
Since the inception of,
The Loreal-UNESCO for Women in Science Fellowship in 2006...

At Loreal,
This award will help pivot,
The crucial work of women researchers,
In progressing our societies,
As well as fan the passion in science,
Among our next generation of nation builders,
To carry Malaysia..
Towards its goal of becoming a high income developed economy,
Says Mr Malek Bekdache...


Elizabeth O said...

Wow what a lovely celebration of women in science, they all have achieved such great things it is nice to see that recognised!

Roch said...

It's great to know that women scientists are leading in this fellowship. The world of beauty is getting better each day with people who champion works and researches for science and the art.

Unknown said...

That's awesome that Loreal is collaborating for women in science! Way to go; love how they can use their platform to help others.

Franc said...

Congrats to the three of them. They did have made a lot of difference in the world with their studies.

Bhushavali said...

Wow! I'm so glad to read about these women... Very nice of L'Oreal to take them under its wings and help them in their pursuit.

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