Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Restaurant Three Brothers

It's been a super satisfying meal, dining at Restaurant Three Brothers: A Chinese Fusion restaurant which I would definitely called it a hidden gem located in Shah Alam. All the ingredients picked, are very fresh and really high quality! The best part of all is: the owner, aka chef, Shawn Lee, is really expert in the food industry. I would really said, this is the best gastronomic adventure I had!~

Scramble Egg with Crab Meat RM76
Scramble egg with crabmeat, topped with Tobiko, is indeed the best appetizer I had so far... How to eat this dish? Just grab a slice of lettuce, and scoop scramble eggs onto the lettuce. Remember to put some chili sauce, that's specially made for this dish, before you put it into your mouth... Simply mouth-watering!~

Scallop Cheese Tart RM12/pc
This is not just ordinary cheese tart, as there's a huge scallop hidden inside the cheese tart.. Very generous portion of cheese makes it feel extra cheesy. Eating this tart, would be an unforgettable cheesy experience, for cheese-lovers!~ 100% guarantee, you're going to love it!

Garlic Chili Steam Giant Clam RM12/pc
The clam is really gigantic and super duper fresh!~ With garlic chili steam, it makes the giant clam extra tasty and succulents. One word to describe: yummilicious!

Dry Scallop Braised Fish Maw RM98
Love the dry scallop, braised with fish maw.. With a little touch greenery of broccoli, it gives extra marks to the whole appearance of the delicious dish! The fish maw taste just nice and soft! Love it!

Garlic Roasted Iberico Ribs RM176
Iberico - Quality premium pork rib imported all the way from Spain, roasted with garlic!~ I really fall in love with the tenderness and juiciness of this premium pork rib.. The mint sauce is truly extraordinary! Eat until fingers licking good!~

Slow cook Iberico Collar with Chinese Bun RM88
Another dish, served with Iberico, premium pork coming all the way from Spain. I would call this, a combination of western and eastern. It mixed truly well... Take a slice of the Iberico, and put it inside the chinese bun. Remember to add in the specialty-made sauce! Adding a little sip of the sauce is extremely genious! It truly upgrade the Iberico bun to another higher level of taste. Truly satisfying, for my taste-bud! MUST-TRY dish!

Sous Vide Iberico Loin serve with Pickle Cherry Tomato RM168
The Iberico is meant to be a bit freshy and uncooked. Surprisingly, I totally love the taste of Sous Vide Iberico Loin. A little sourly taste of  the pickle cherry tomato, is a perfect combination, for Sous Vide Iberico Loin!~

Caramel redbean roll RM18/6pcs
The appearance of this dessert is so appetizing.. Even though by now, my tummy is so full, I still can't resist this dessert. The caramel blends really well in the red bean, not too sweet for a dessert, it's just nice! A truly unique way to finish up a satisfying dinner!

Durian mochi RM30/6pcs
I'm definitely a durian-lover. Can't resist this durian mochi! Full of durian, wrapped up with a very thin layer of mochi skin! Superb dessert!!!!!

Restaurant Three Brothers
Address: 23, Jalan Bulan U5/Ca,
Subang 2,
40150 Shah Alam, Selangor.
Phone: 012-315 2953


Tekkaus said...

I would die for the Garlic Chili Steam Giant Clam....damn...they look super delicious with sprinkle of garlic. *drooling*

Dry Scallop Braised Fish Maw looks inviting...but I am not sure if the fish maw will be succulent. :D

Jack Lim said...

Looks so delicious. Definitely need to make a trip there to try out their scallop

Sharon Lee said...

Looking at these all yummy foods is making me hungry! Looks so fresh and delicious too, perfect place to go with Family.

dr-Life said...

Have tried their food and nice in taste and presentation. Worthy but kinda far for me..

Bonde Zaidalifah said...

the food is all very good and is very happy to enjoy it, thanks for sharing

Bonde Zaidalifah said...

Fine of all the food, I like the most popular Dry Scallop Braised Fish Maw RM98tu thanks for sharing

Emily said...

Wow the fusion seafood dishes are making me drool at this hour of the night! Would love to try the Iberico pork as well. Such a luxurious meal you had!

Blair villanueva said...

Wow these foods are making me hungry! I want to try those garlic chili :)

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