Tuesday, July 17, 2018

US Potato Culinary Festival 2018 - Anne Elizabeth

Celebrating US Potato Culinary Festival 2018!
At Anne Elizabeth, Cheras...
With splendid Potatoes USA meal!~

Jacket U.S Potatoes,
With Sour Cream, Bacon bites,
Parmesan Cheese & Spring Onion..
All the ingredients mixed truly well..
And it's really a perfect combination...
It feels great when the potato melted in my mouth!~
Simply delicious!~

Jacket U.S. Potatoes,
Selling at RM8.90 only!
Worthy and yummy!~

Traditional Crispy U.S Fresh Potato Cubes,
At only RM7.90,
And they are serving...
A very generous portion of
U.S Potato cubes!~

You may choose to eat it just like that...
Or dip into the sauce.....
Either way,
It's truly an enjoyment to our taste bud!

Let's feast,
From now until end of July 2018,
At US Potato Culinary Festival 2018!~
With Quality US Potato,
With high 'solids' and low sugar content!

#MYPotatoesUSA Most Creative Photo Contest
1.Order one U.S. Potato Culinary Festival dish from one of the participating outlets.
3.Post a creative caption and photo of the U.S. Potatoes dish with hashtag #MYPotatoesUSA and “Check In” to the participating outlet
4.Remember to set post or profile to Public

How to Win?
1.Judges will select the MOST creative post
2.Five (5) Weekly Prizes and three (3) Grand Prizes of iPad 9.7 inch 32GB WiFi
3.Contest period: 15 June till 30 July 2018

Participating Outlets
Fuego, Troika Sky Dining
The Three Stooges
Kingstreet Café
Anne Elizabeth
Brasserie Fritz
Michelangelo’s Pavilion and Michelangelo’s Solaris Mount Kiara
Jibby and Co
Brew House
Coffee Club

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Ezna Khalili said...

Kentang bagus untuk dimakan tapi elakkan yang berminyak. Kalau masak guna air fryer lebih menyihatkan. Banyak resepi yang boleh dibuat dengan menggunakan kentang. Pastikan ia kentang US Potato.

Suria Amanda said...

Price for US Potato a bit higher then the local potato but its taste good and superb quality. not take much time to cook and good for the whole family.

Bhanu said...

OMG who does not love potatoes. Awfully cheap. Gonna so try this. And plus looks delicious as well.

Abby Onety said...

Kentang kaya akan Karbohidrat. Tapi biasanya pake kukus buat hasil.lebih maksimal. Kentangx potato akan lebih sehat

Hanny Abdullh said...

Sis memang peminat kentang..tak kira apa kentang..semua minat. Kalau dapt us potato lagi lah suka..hehehe

Syafiera Yamin said...

wahhhhhh i love the usa potato but here i am still wondering is it gmo free caused i heard us punya kentang banyak yang gmo

Lia Hasty said...

I love US Potato too cause of their quality and the taste when you cook . Love it.

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

I dah lama x join potatoes festival. Bestkan tgk menu3 macam yang dihasilkan dr potatoes srmuanya nmpk sedap

Rini Ismail said...

Wow! It's kind of unique. Never heard of Potato Culinary Festival. Since the name is potato, so all meals served must include potatoes as ingredient? Is it?

Betty's Journey said...

Us Potato always my favorite. The quality of us Potato is sweet and big. I love use it to cook curry.

Wawa Ashihara said...

wow,,,, sedap tengok potato tu.. I'm potatoes lover... so apa2 kentang I akan variasikan dalam masakan. tapi sehingga skrg I teringin nak makan ice cream potato... hihi... tapi tgok gmbr2 ni nampak sedaplah sebab gaya dia ala2 di US..

nikkhazami said...

kalau tengok filem hollywood pun mereka suka sangat makan potato. banyak khasiatnya.

nikkhazami said...

kalau tengok filem hollywood pun mereka suka makan potato. banyak khasiatnya.

Jia Shin Lee said...

This looks really good, I always wanted to try this recipe, after seeing it this round I'll go buy potatoes later.

Mermaid said...

Potato banyak khasiat terutama karbohidrate. Untuk diet seharian pun sangat sesuai tahu. Bagus boleh lebih sihat. harga pun tidak mahal

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