Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Best Western Hotel CNY Eve Buffet Dinner

Throw a memorable family reunion,
With Best Western i-City Shah Alam's
Chinese New Year Even Buffet Dinner,
At 4th February 2019..
At just RM68 nett per pax...
Senior citizens and children 35% off
Time: 6:30pm to 10pm

The Appertizers!
Lots of variety to choose from!

Roasted Duck with Plum Sauce...
Top favourite..
The roasted duck fits perfectly with the plum sauce..

Steamed fish in Teochew Style..
Lovely dish!~

Butter Prawn
The aroma of the butter is just splendid!
Eat until the very last drop!
Plate clean clean!~

Steamed Tofu with Chilli and Dried Shrimp..
Soft texture of the tofu,
Fits perfectly with the Chilli and dried shrimp!

Braised Broccoli with Black Mushroom..
The aroma of mushroom,
Blends truly well with the broccoli..

Crispy Noodle with Seafood..
Love the crispiness of the noodle~

Hi-tea alike choices of dessert..

Salads and lots of greenery!~
It comes together with the fruits as well..

For every 3 paying adults,
Get a chance to spin Prosperity Wheel of Fortune,
With attractive prizes,
Including FREE night stays to be won..

For reservations,
Please contact The View Cafe,
At +603-5521 9000
Or email


Chris_Sella said...

mmmmmm it just 3 paying adults can get a chance to spin prosperity. so sad, i just with my husband only. can not 2 paying adults???

Suria Amanda said...

All food make my eyes drooling especially looking at seafood...oh my god..CNY always coming with good food and ambiance...

Mat Drat said...

Memang menarik.. Best Western ni antara pilihan ramai utk yg cari CNY buffet Dinner. Harga pun RM68 je..

Berbaloi sangat

adianiez AIDA said...

seriously, kylie, i love chinese food.
so refreshing.
so healthy.
here in Melaka, tak jumpa chinese muslim restaurant.
at bangi, got few restaurants. nice food.

Mahagosip said...

It's a pleasure to eat this special year-only meal just once a year and eat it all, especially Yee Sang that we really love....

irrayyan said...

Wah dah boleh plan family gathering sempena Chinese New year this year. Berkumpul, makan bersama, eratkan hubungan kekeluargaan. Ada tawaran menarik lagi. Moga bertuah!

Kayathre said...

The food looks very delicios. Makes me hungry now. I should go try this soon.

danan wahyu sumirat said...

menuya luar biasa ini bisa jadi referensi jika liburan ke malaysia , nice information

Dakwat Pena said...

Bab makan ni mmg xboleh nk tolak tepi...bonda mmg tetiba rasa lapar tgk gambar2 makanan ni..

Hanny Abdullh said...

Sedanpnya yee sang..tak sabarnya nak sambut CNY, sure makanan pun sedap sedap. Fav sis pun chinese food

Nina Mirza said...

Wahh.. . Pelbagai menu yang menyelerakan! Pernah makan kat Best Western memang sedap sedap Masakan kat sana. Tempat pun selesa. Memang berbaloi dan berpatutan, servis Best Western pun bagus.

Tekkaus said...

The food looks not bad and I am sure a lot of people will find this place inviting. Interestingly, you get a chance to spin Prosperity Wheel of Fortune? Sounds like fun right?

Alia Farhan said...

The price is not bad la
The dishes are nit bad also...
Worth to spend here with love one
Btw hepy CNY

Nurhasanah Ismail said...

Wow menarik ya makanan yang disajikan tu. nak raya cina ni memang nampak banyak gambar2 makanan sedap2. Tak lama dah nak raya cina. Happy Chinese New Year~!

Henry Tan said...

wow the food looks good! especially that roasted duck! i can never resist that!
anyway happy chinese new year in advance to you and your family!

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