Thursday, July 17, 2008

My clothes go International

Daddy and mummy went Hanoi and bought Vietnam's t-shirts.
one for daddy,
one for mummy,
and one for me...

They bought me this also: Vietnamese traditional costume.

And then, aunty Maggie went Bangkok and bought me this little army's clothes.
I wore this during my Jaya Jusco photogenic baby contest 2008.

After that, aunty Elaine came back from Dubai and bought me this giraffe clothes.

Later on, Grandpa and granma went Australia to visit lun lun jiu jiu and bought me one dozen of Australia t-shirts!

Mummy bought this Japan Samurai clothes from aunty Michelle...

Last but not least,
I got these Thailand Traditional clothes and t-shirts with many elephants,
After grandparents back from their Chiang Mai trip.

Looks like all my clothes come all over the world!~
Very ba bei!~


Kristie said...

wau bb sean is soooo lucky!!! got clothes from all over the world!!!!!!!

cre8tone said...

yup... indeed :)

Anonymous said...

The batman set like out of the coverage~~ haha

cre8tone said...

Still, it's flying from chiang mai..

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