Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Exploring new world

I've been obeying what mummy said since I was still inside mummy's tummy~~~~~
I wanna be mummy's clever good good boy...

Ever since I start exploring the new world,
I notice that a lot of new things around for me to learn, understand and explore.

I wanna taste lots of yummy food,
I wanna touch lots of wonderful things,
I wanna see lots of colourful colours,
I wanna hear lots of beautiful music,
I wanna smell lots of nice smell~~

Mummy is always by my side...
to hear my first cry,
to give me first hug,
to see my first smile,
to feed me first milk,
to wipe off my shit,
to hear my first ang ge ge,
to help me with my first turnover,
to see me sucking my little fingers and even my little toe nails,
to sing me lots of songs,
to teach me explore piano,
to try my first solid food,
to give her my first kiss,
to massage her when she feels tired,
to support my stand,
to guide me walking,
to hear me calling her 'mummy...

When I try to explore the socket,
When I try to play with doggie,
When I try to play around with my porridge,
When I try to grab mummy's magazines n spoilt it,
When i try to split out my food,
My mummy always say no and cannot...
Sometimes i feels very frustrated also~~~~~

But still, I love my mummy the most...
Yet, maybe i should consider take this advice from grandparents,
They bought me this t-shirt from Australia,
When they go visit my kao fu lun in Sydney...
Have a look:

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