Tuesday, February 10, 2009

FGS Dong Chan Si

Where to go in KL during CNY?
FGS Dong Chan Si!~

So jam during the journey to FGS!~
Stuck inside the car for almost an hour...
When we reach there,
The place was so crowded!~

Still worth to go,
Lots of nice nice view there!~

Mummy said last time she went there,
She didn't saw this parade...
Suppose it's new for this year?

So sleepy!~
Wanna go back,
And have my sweet sweet dreams...

Jam all the way back also...
Not me driving~~~
I can sleep in the car!~


2ma said...

i read about so many fellow bloggers going to this temple. and i hv been talking about bringing the boys there...and till todya, still remain talking only *slap, slap myself*

Administrator said...

hi,,,I wonder, how is new year associated with guan yin? :)

Family First said...

Many have been blogging abt this place. Seems like its hot like those good old days of Thean Hou Temple. Been there few years back. Once is enough lah, after all, now going there during CNY is like tourist place already. Indeed the lightings are quite nice.

agnes said...

been there once during non peak day.. somewhere near Wesak day. it was very bare.. dont have so much deco.. just wanna feel the 'zen' smell.

guess there have all the deco for CNY only and those dont last throughout the year in order to attract visitors..

anyway, it was kinda far.. :S

Mummy Gwen said...

A lot of ppl know tis place but I have no idea where this is..hehe..

Mummy Moon said...

Yiu also go there?? We went too during second last day of CNy.. You manage to take nice picture :)
All our pic got many crowded ppl lah

cre8tone said...

Crowded also... Juz found the right angle to took the photos!~ haha~

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