Friday, February 6, 2009

Temple Visit - Kek Lok Si

This is the 2nd time I visit Kek Lok Si,
The first time was during CNY too,
Last year Chinese New Year!~

Every year I can see difference in the big Guan Yin!~
I think when I visit here next year,
It'll be fully done!~

Cutie little piggie I saw in Kek Lok Si!~

After the visit in Kek Lok Si,
We went for a short walk in Gurney...
Crowded with people~~~~~~~


Pet said...

I was there last year CNY. Which day did you go? Last yr I went...jam, took nearly an hr to find a parking space.

momo said...

show them the photo where Sean poke the pig's nose!!! that's cute!!


Anonymous said...

the pig statue really cute leh

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

All the lanterns are so nice...
I never been to this place and even penang. It is sure very nice place.

Oh ya, I have an award for you

Mummy Gwen said...

Wah...went Penang ah? Is it your hometown or your hubby's? The piggy is so cute lah. :P

cre8tone said...

Pet, first day of CNY... Jam, too!~ But lucky enough to find a parking space in short time.. hehe~ ;)

Momo, After I saw d photo u show me, I really laugh!~

Angeline, ya ya, cute de..

Joanne, nice place, indeed, especially during cny, with nice lights... thankx for d award.

Mummy Gwen, my hubby's hometown..

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