Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Beach

Off we go,
To Batu Feringhi Beach!~
It's hot,
Very hot!~
It's fun,
Really fun!~

Wearing my Australia's off-duty lifesaver outift,
I really looks like a beach boy...
I refuse to step on the beach,
Nor go down and playing in the water!~
I don't like the sandy feels on my feet...
Daddy insist to put me down,
And I keep on showing my pity look,
Hoping that daddy or mummy will hug me up!~

I love lying down and relaxing!~
Hearing the windy sound,
Just like nature tone of music!~
Looking at the wonderful scenery,
Just like the nature mix of colour!~
The night is getting dark soon...
After a satisfying meal,
We walk around Pasar-Malam-alike-stalls...

Long Queue entering the ship~
Didn't dine here,
We manage to snap a few photos here,
Before heading home...


agnes said...

must be a relaxing trip

凯雯,凯馨 said...


Anonymous said...

beautiful beach!!!
aiyo, but on a hot day... hmmm... I see that as a spoil-spot....

I love to eat pasar malam food. yummy!

you guys are really enjoying eh?! *wink*

Anonymous said...

great beach, I like beach. Oh yeah I have giveaway at my blog feel free to check out

Anonymous said...

I miss going langkawi beach

Baby Darren said...

wow...I love should try playing with the water and dig the sand's FUN!

Moomykin said...

Oh, you should have taken the shoes off and bring some beach toys. Then it's a whole different experience.

My older one loves the waves crashing at him (up to the waist not the face) but the second boy hates getting wet. So he happily sits and dig sand all the time and also look at sea shells and maybe try to spot a crab.

cre8tone said...

Agnes, quite relax!~


Angeline, the day we spent on beach is the day we enjoyed most during our penang visit... ;)

TH, so nice got giveaway? That's very sweet of you.. Wanna bring my little boy to Langkawi someday, too!~

Baby Darren, Maybe should bring my boy few more times until he can really enjoy playing water and sand by seaside...

Moomykin, I tried taking off his shoes and wearing, also.. Both way, he refuses to go down as well... ur 2 kids, enjoys different kind of ways by seaside, that's good... :)

Anonymous said...

my son never been to beach. pitty him...

cre8tone said...

TH, juz plan and head for the beach!~ :) U'll sure enjoy!~

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