Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Handsome GuGu

When mummy asked me,
Who's handsome,
She expected I'll answer myself...

I think my gu gu - mummy's little brother,
Is the most handsome people~~~~~~

Everytime when mummy asked:

Mummy: Who's handsome?
Me: Gu Gu!~


My gu gu is not only handsome,
He's also tall and strong......
He always hug me up high high...
To reach for the tall tall place~~~~~~
He always give me chocolate to eat, too!~

He'll ask something to trade from me......

Me: Gu Gu, High high~~~~~ / Gu Gu, Choc!~
Gu Gu: Do what first?

I'll give gu gu a kiss on his cheek......
Then only,
I can get what I want......

Everytime I see any decorations high high up the ceiling,
I'll think it's good if gu gu around,
Then he can lift me high up,
To touch whatever thingy I want to reach!~


If you're following my blog,
You'll know I eat plain bread,
Plain butter, Plain peanut,
But not when spreading butter/peanut on the bread...

While gu gu is eating the bread,
I wants to eat it too...
Gu gu put peanut on the bread already!~
I said don't want!~
My gu gu turn the bread upside down,
And tell me,
No more peanut!~

Guess what!~
I really thought he gave me a new plain bread...
And I take a bite on the bread with peanut!~

Tricky gu gu!~

Gu gu likes to bully me,
And makes me feels frustrated, too!~

I enjoy every moment playing around with him!~


mNhL said...

Aww....a nice gu gu you have. Happy weekend!

Angeline said...

Waaaahhhh.... now you've got my attention!
Really curious how does GuGu looked like....

Unknown said...

Ooh u got a nice gu gu there. :)

Anyway, Gu Gu is what language? At first I thought Gu Gu = 姑姑。 Mother's bro, not 舅舅?

cre8tone said...

mNhL, yeah~ nice...

Angeline, hahah~ one word to describe: handsome.. haha!

cheeyee, 舅舅 in hokkien = gu gu...

wenn said...

nice to hv someone to play with..

Oliveoylz said...

Pls post picture of Sean's handsome gu gu...pls...we want to see... :)

Cynful Pleasure said...

wah.. another person sayang, love and bully you at the same time ya... :D but never mind la, gu gu mean good anyway.. :D

LHS said...

he has a good relationship with his gu gu :-)

smallkucing said...

:)so pandai manja to Gu Gu ah.

BoeyJoey said...

Haha... peanut butter, now you see it, now you don't! :)

cre8tone said...

wenn, yeah!~ good companion..

Olive, haha~

Cynthia, yup~ All comes together..

huisia, :)

smallkucing, pandai manja everyone..

BoeyJoey, kena tricked.. ha!

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