Friday, October 2, 2009

Useful Pomelo!

I recognized it's a pomelo,
The moment I saw it!
It's exactly the same,
As the drawing in my flashcard!

I bet you don't know,
How useful a pomelo could be!~

What games could you play with,
A pomelo ball?
I've been playing around,
With the new pomelo ball,
Until the adults scared I throw too much,
And they're unable to eat it!~

For sure,
You can eat it...
I don't really like the taste...

What can be done with the pomelo skin?

I can put it on my head,
And become my pomelo helmet...
Maybe it looks more like a hat,
I just enjoy playing~~~

Introducing my new pomelo drum!!!
Can you imagine how much wonderful beats,
And nice rhythms I can produce,
With this special pomelo drum?
Mummy said I'm a potentially creative drummer!!!

Besides being a drum,
I use the pomelo skin,
To hide my little golf ball,
And let mummy guess the little ball,
Is under which pomelo skin...
Fun activity indeed~

Besides that,
I put the pomelo inside my shirt,
And make myself a pomelo tummy!~
As big as mummy's tummy!

Later on,
I request mummy to put in my pants,
To make a pomelo buttock...
Mummy refuse to do so....

I even put it besides my ear,
And pretend it as a pomelo earphone,
And start shaking my buttock,
And dance~~~~

I enjoy playing pomelo so much!
And I even bring my new pomelo together,
During my afternoon nap......
And my new pomelo skin,
Could be a comfortable pomelo pillow, too!~

Time for oi oi now...


ChloeRuoyi said...

Wah, so creative. We only know how to use it as a hat (wear "green hat") haha!

wenn said...

fun time with pomela skin..

Dora said...

Little Prince, you have a new companion now besides your mummy!

smallkucing said...

Pomelo buttock become Shin Chan???

Cynful Pleasure said...

haha.. Auntie Cynthia used to make it as a hat! and the smell of the skin is nice to sleep with ya..

Blessed mum said...

gagaga..i knew all the usefulness of pomelo but 1st time i read it can be use as pillow too!! u r really funny and creative!!

Mummy Gwen said...

Wah...want to put pomelo in the pants some more!!..Haha..creative.

Annie Q said...

U're so creative, little prince!!!

cre8tone said...

Chloe, haha~ I dunno pomelo can be so useful until my son plays it.. haha~~

Wenn, yeah! Fun time indeed...

Dora, new companion for few days... I throw away after the skin dried out...

smallkucing, dunno looks like shin chan or not, I didn't grant his wish and put it in.. haha!

Cynthia, yeah! Nice smell...

Blessed mum, ha! He can think of so many ways to play just one thingy..

Mummy Gwen, and funny! ha~

Annie Q, ;)

Angeline said...

Truly a pomelo is a multi-functional 'gadget' to make little prince happy!

MeRy said...

Super creative...

I do heard from people that using pomelo to prevent small kid scared to have his haircut,I did try it once for Ryan,but then he still scare to go for his hair cut.

cre8tone said...

Angeline, haha!~ Ya lor.. multi-functional :)

Mery, Oh! I dunno pomelo got such function... My son never likes haircut, too!~

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