Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Our Space

Joins hands with..
Global Coworking Brand Our Space,
To bring Luxury Coworking to Malaysia...

Malaysian can now join in,
The financial success,
By participating in this momentous opportunity...

 "From the outset,
We have been building a global business designed,
And carefully executed to stake our claim,
As a pioneer in the coworking industry.
Our first location have been strategically planned,
Across Asia, Europe, North America and the Middle East,
Setting Our Space up for swift and decisive expansion,
Around the world over the next few years,"
Said Kevan Halliwell,
Chief Executive Officer,
At Our Space.
"Together with MasteryAsia,
We are excited to have Malaysia,
To be part of our continued success story,"

 "We are very proud that Our Space,
Has chosen Kuala Lumpur,
As part of its global expansion plans.
MasteryAsia are excited to work with Our Space,
To offer coworking spaces of international standard in Malaysia.
For entrepreneurs who love nature
Or feel that they are less stressed,
When they are outdoors,
Our Space is the perfect workspace solution.
Of the available options locally,
A truly differentiated and innovative environment,
That combines the best business amenities,
With a beautifully natural habitat,"
Revealed KC See, Founder of MasteryAsia,
"We are confident that this offering,
Will be very well received in Malaysia."

Last but not least,
Speech by Dean Edward...

Our Space offers,
A world's first in the coworking landscape,
With value-added amenities,
And unrivalled membership experiences,
Not found in other business centres.
The interiors of Our Space offices,
Are designed to bring the Great Outdoors Indoors,
Boasting living walls and greenery,
Water features and ample sunlight.
This is all created with the vision,
To connect humans with nature and technology,
Through smart and thoughtful design with science at its heart.


Cest la Jez said...

now days really much business choice Malaysia! pround of it!

Unknown said...

Great that there are innovative ways to make a office space more condusive with such companies.

Sreekar Harinatha said...

Seems interesting. Best wishes too!

Unknown said...

This sounds like a good foreign franchise opportunity. I like the business concept and will share this with my friends.

Mermaid said...

Waaa nice. I would love to see the result by my own eyes. I have a high expectation.

Ashleyang said...

Good effort !

elanakhong said...

Great alternative spot for meet up. Now meeting doesn't have to be in the office or cafe.

cc kak fas said...

Yet to see its advantages...

Emily said...

A good work environment is what we all need to be productive. A wonderful initiative to help local businesses and entrepreneurs.

dr-Life said...

i always love such space to do my work and i can just spend there full day with my workload... - Racheal

Miera Nadhirah said...

I would definitely love to be able to check it out sometime as it might beneficial and a condusive place for me to work...

Unknown said...

I've been meaning to try to work in this kind of location even just for a day. But I couldn't find time to leave my little one. Hopefully, someday.

Sunshine Kelly said...

Thanks for sharing this, now we have more options and hope its for the betterment.

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