Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Brand's feed my mind and body

Feed Your #MindAndBody
Media launch...

A game,
For our mind and body..

Opening performance...
LED dance!~

Feed my mind and body health talk by...

Indra Balaratnam,
Consultant Dietrician
& Founder and Owner of
Indra Balaratnam Nutrition -
The Food Expert Clinic..

Cheryl Lee,
Radio DJ,
TV Host..

2017 BRAND'S SMART Achievers representatives..

Dr Jack Wong,
Senior Scientist,
Brand's Suntory International...

Ms Kuang Ming Ming,
General Manager,
Brand's Suntory Malaysia

Together with the invited panelists!

Brand's Essence of Chicken,
Is a natural food supplement,
With no added salt,
And is cholesterol and fat free,
Making it suitable,
For daily consumption,
To help fuel the mind and body..

As part of the BRAND'S
"Feed Your Mind And Body" awareness initiative,
BRAND'S has committed,
To nourish minds and bodies of Malaysians nationwide,
With the distribution of..
100,000 bottles of BRAND'S Essence of Chicken...

Running from July until end of August,
The sampling team will visit..
High traffic locations including:
LRT stations, office buildings, shopping malls,
Universities and toll plazas.


Roch said...

What are the primary ingredients of Brand's Essence of Chicken? Is it protein from poultry? That's interesting, it's the first time I've seen that there's a food supplement made from chicken.

Fred Said said...

I had been able to try it before, my first and last time. Have you? Did you like how it tasted? Sorry, I did not like how it tasted at all.

Summer Mitch Ryan said...

Brands is a big thing in Thailand. It is one of the best selling products during Christmas season. And it's a popular choice for token in most events.

Franc said...

Brands looks like a really good supplement. It can really help you improve your immune system.

Jojo Hua said...

This looks so creative and cool! I'd love to go to something like that in the future.

steph said...

This is a pretty cool idea! I am not entirely sure what it is. Can you tell me more? Is it natural?

Bhushavali said...

The event looks cool with all the LED light garments and laser beams! But being a veggie, the product is not for me though! :)

Agnes Vazhure said...

Oh, this is nice! This is my first time to see a product like this as far as I remember. Well, let me have a try.

Gil Camporazo said...

Brands is a catchy name. It's a brand of all brands. Brands of chicken, is it similar gimmick with Jollibee bucket of chicken?

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