Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Shopee 9.9 online shopping day

Shopee 9.9 Online Shopping Day,
Targets 5 times growth....

"For 9.9 Online Shopping Day this year,
We will feature thousands of products,
Across 20 categories in campaigns,
That we will guarantee that,
The prices would be the absolute lowest in the market..
If you find a cheaper deal in another platform,
We will refund you 120% of the difference.
That's our commitment to our buyers,"
Said Ian Ho,
Regional Managing Director, Shopee..

Shopee business update...

Merdeka Sale (28-31Aug)
Discounts up to 60%,
From famous local brands and sellers,
To celebrate Malaysia's 60th independence day.

Best of 9.9 (9-11Sept)
Will feature phenomenal discount,
Up to 90% on exciting items. On 9 September only,
The upsized shocking sale,
Will feature sought after items,
Form Mobile and Gadgets,
Home Appliances,
Fashion, Home and Living,
As well as Health & Beauty categories,
At shockingly low prices..

Shocking Deal
With specially lined up thousands of sellers,
Offering thousands of items,
At shockingly low prices...

Shopee-bot vending machine...

Spin Kaw Kaw
Spin the wheel,
And stand a chance to win,
Prizes such as promo codes,
shopee coins and more..

9 days of unlock
Happening from 1-9 September

For more details,
On all the benefits and savings,
In store for Malaysian online shoppers this 9.9,
Visit www.shopee.com.my/99
Download the shopee app for free,
On the Apple App Store and Google Play Store,
To get the latest updates.


Shafyqah Azahar said...

sha paling suka shopping kat shopee ni hehe taksabar nak tunggu 1 september!

shamiera osment said...

shopee sure have so many exciting deals and promos..rip my pocket..hihi

Hasif Hamsyari said...

it's getting nearer! can't wait. masa untuk memborong sakan ni. hihi

ai said...

Shopee lagi.. nervous bila dengar shopee ni..

Suria Amanda said...

Ok..now for sure i will check out more item on shopee...

nurmisnan said...

every where got shopee.. hehehe.. easy for everyone who love shopping online..

Mek Onie said...

shoppingggggggg! tak pernah lagi shopping kat sini,hihi

Hanny Abdullh said...

Wahhh seronok beli time sales..boleh beli banyak2

Nik Ainaa said...

waah ada sale lagi? shopee ni memang suka tgk duit kita habis. hukhukhuk

mytravellicious said...

nice... i always love shopee as they price they offer is really low compare to other online shopping platform...

Alia Farhan said...

Shoppee!!! I suka shop dkt shoppee..hbis la duit sales nnt😅😅😅

penaberkala said...

Huwaaaaa, another tempetation for online shopping. I thought it's enough with lazada, 11street, etc. Now, shoppee some more. Interesting!

I want to explore shoppee more

5 Little Angels said...

Times for me to shop at Shopee now. Love their promotions for me to save more.

Mahamahu said...

Saya ada pengalaman shopping online ni yang tak berapa baik tapi bukan dengan shopee ni harap ia jauh lebih bagus service delivery yang penting sebenarnya...

Bro Framestone said...

WOwww banyaknya sale... T-T bila nk simpan duit nie

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