Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Little Innoscents organic baby skincare

Little Innoscents organic baby skincare,
Proudly Australian made and owned..
And it's Australian certified organic..

The first impression.....
How come these organic products,
Smell so nice?
This is the one and only organic products,
That I really love the smell so much!~
For all their range of products!~

It's natural,
It's organic..
And best of all..
It smells so nice!~

Goat's milk bar..
Moisture rich,
Hydrating and gentle..

It's enriched with the goodness of..
Goat's milk, manuka honey and Ylang Ylang...
Ideal cleanser for sensitive skin..
With a unique blend of healing ingredients,
And pH balanced formulation..
This all-natural cleansing bar is gentle enough..
To use in the bath or shower,
On daily basis...

Perfect for dry, sensitive skin...
And leave our skin beautifully soft,
Moisturized and smelling heavenly!~

Hair & Body Wash
With Spearmint & orange..
Low allergy,
Sensitive skin
Eczema friendly..

It is a luscious all-in-on gel made,
From naturally-derived plant materials and plant extracts.

This delightful gel,
Has natural foam properties,
And is gentle enough to use daily,
While still effectively removing dirt and grime..

Conditioner - Cherry Coconut..
Nourish, protect and tame..
Detangle replenish and smooth out locks,
With the conditional that promising to nourish,
While offering luscious lasting shine..

Fall in love with the cherry coconut smell,
And fall in love with our own hair...

Hair Fudge,
With strong hold,
No nasties..
Get unruly and frizzy hair under control...
Try perfect product,
To keep those flyaways and stringy bits at bay...
Made with yummy Sandalwood and Orange infusions,
While being completely Alcohol, Paraben and SLS free,
The natural ingredients will give hair a strong hold,
Without those nasty white flakes and will wash away,
In the bath leaving no icky residue on the hair or scalp..

Best to tied up little princess hair,
During her ballet classes and performances!~

Intensive soothing cream,
Protect & calm for sensitive skin..
Not just for baby bottoms,
This unique multi-purpose soothing cream,
Is an organic healer,
For a range of stressful skin conditions,
Including eczema and psoriasis...

Made with the finest ingredients of Shea Butter,
Rosewood, Lavender and Avocado Oils,
Infused with divine Calendula Extract,
And completely free from nasty petrochemicals..

Moisture rich body lotion
Hydrates, nourish and protect our skin..
Made with avocado oil,
Sunflower oil and creamy shea butter,
Will naturally hydrate skin,
While leaving the heavenly scent of Ylang Ylang..

Free from mineral oil,
Petrochemicals and parabens,
This lotion is simply divine leaving the skin,
Feeling moisture-rich and silky smooth..

Paw Paw Balm..
Soothes, calms and protects...
Made from enriching paw paw extract,
Completely mineral oil and petroleum free,
Offering a delicious alternative,
That is ideal for moisturizing and protecting lips,
Cracked hands and damaged skin....

Enriched with soothing Vitamin E,
It's good for breastfeeding mothers,
With cracked nipples,
And babies with nappy rash!~

Sun Lotion SPF30
UVA & UVB broad spectrum protection...
Essential protection from the harsh, drying sun.
Mineral based sunscreen contains..
Zinc Oxide as the only active ingredient and best of all..
It has no perservative..
It contains Vitamin E, Organic green tea,
Cucumber and Rosehip Extract..
With 3 hour water resistant..

Let's go to the seaside!~
For a beach holiday!

Winter Blurs Vapour Balm..
Breathe easy formula..
Soothe away baby's winter blues,
With 100% natural rub..
Made of natural Beeswax,
Organic Shea Butter,
And infused with warming essential oils of..
Peppermint, Lemon, Eucalyptus and Rosemary...
This fresh and zesty balm,
Absorbs gently into the skin,
To melt away discomfort and restlessness...
Free from nasty petrochemicals,
Like petroleum and turpetine oil,
And safe enough to use on delicate newborn skin..

Love my review and description on the products?
You have the chance to try it out..
Hop over to Madrenatura's official website,
And read up redeem your FREE sample NOW!~

For your easy reference:
Step 1: Like 'Little Innoscents Malaysia' facebook page
Step 2: Message 'Little Innoscents Malaysia's facebook page and type..
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Enjoy your sample..
Hope you'll love it,
As much as I do!


Bhushavali said...

Looks like one stunning range of awesome products! I'd love to try them out! Esp the goat's milk bar looks like the perfect caring soap to use!

Smith said...


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