Monday, August 21, 2017

Terbalik | Upside-Down

Official announcement & press conference,
Of Malaysian Feature Film Script..
'Terbalik' Making National History,
As the first to be Adapted & Remade,
In over 30 countries worldwide!~

Deal announcement by..
Director & Producer
Yasu & Bea Tanaka,
Of 42nd Pictures Sdn Bhd

Terbalik / Upside down,
Is an original screenplay,
Written by Yasu Tanaka,
The director and writer of NOTA.
The film NOTA,
Nabbed the Best Screenplay award,
For Festival Film Malaysia 2016 (FFM28)
While  Maya Karin,
Playing the lead actress role,
Won the Best Actress Award,
For Anugerah Skrin 2016.

Video message by John Penotti,
President of IvanHoe Pictures (USA)..

Ivanhoe Pictures read the script of Terbalik,
During Hong Kong Asia Financing Forum (HAF) 2017,
And has acquired the remake rights for it,
In 34 countries which includes..
North America, France, United Kingdom,
China, South Korea, Spain, Latin America,
India and Vietnam.
The production of the remake movies,
Based on Terbalik's original screenplay,
Will commence with United States of America in 2018.

Showcase of Pre-Production of 'Terbalik,
With the lead actor's video message..
Bront Palarae..

Official group photo session..

Q&A session..

Although Terbalik / Upside Down,
Has yet to be produced,
42nd Pictures affirms that,
The storyboard has already been set.
The film has managed to garner,
The Aurora Media Producing Award,
Securing them SGD20,000,
During the South-East Asia Financing Forum(SAFF) 2016,
Held in Singapore.
Terbalik has also made it into the shortlist,
For Hong Kong Asia Financing Forum (HAF) 2017,
Being t he only Malaysian project,
Out of the 24 projects to be shortlisted this year.

A fully Malay-language movie,
Has a potential value of RM12 to 16 million,
With agreement from Ivanhoe Pictures.
This movie is a horror thriller,
That depicts the story of an actor,
Who gets trapped,
In an upside-down car wreckage in the jungle,
And is tortured by a group of sadistic boys.

Terbalik/Upside Down,
Will be produced by
Bea Tanaka,
And Directed by,
Yasu Tanaka,
Starring Bront Palarae.


Rafzan Tomomi said...

must watch this soon. Bront Palarae acting so good :)

Kak Su said...

Anything that has Maya Karin in it, I'm for it :)

Mahamahu said...

Tak pernah tonton pun cite ni ada kat Malaysia ker urmmmm....

The Smell of Coffee said...

Horror story ke? Huhu ok x sanggup nak tgk

Hanny Abdullh said...

Dengar kata cerita ni best..mesti nak kena pergi tgok nanti

cindy said...

wooo interesting movieee oh...

Hasif Hamsyari said...

wow.. the movie sounds promising! can't wait to watch it! it's gonna be lit!

Alia Farhan said...

Cant wait to watch this...
Esp when Bront Palarae in this

Nik Ainaa said...

ooh malay movie. dah lama tak tengok film melayu ni huhuhu tapi cam best je cite ni

Mermaid said...

I nak tengok nanti. Filem ini agak menarik nampaknya.

Ruby said...

Terbalik. Hehehe. Macam seronok. Tapi ada kids ni bila lah nak tengok movie kan. I miss those time tengok wayang dating dengan husband. Huwaaa. Nak tengok terbalikkkkkk

Bro Framestone said...

Tak sabar nak tunggu filem ini start shooting... then remake dari negara lain juga. terutama hollywood

Mek Onie said...

tengok tajuk dia pun dan unik, teringin nak tengok nanti, hopefully storyline dia tak membosankan.

yaya_flanella said...

Tak sabar tunggu bila ditayangkan nanti

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