Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Child Aid Asia by youth for youth

A magical journey...
With Child Aid Asia 2017..
By youth for youth
With full support from..
The Kiwanis Club of Damansara,
And Suntory Beverage & Food Asia (SBFA)

Lau Jay Earn,
With his superb beatboxing...
He started to perform his beatboxing,
On stage,
With his teacher Koujee.
In 2016,
He was invited to Munich, Germany,
To take part in a German Kids Talent Competition
"Super Kids" for his beatboxing...

The magical part is,
Beatboxing is not his only talent...
He can play very nice violin, too!~

Talented musicians..
This year,
CAA KL adding workshops and collaboration sessions,
To provide more opportunities,
For the children,
TO work together,
And build stronger friendships in the process...

Peh Jie Chee (Chinese flute)
Lim Zi Shian (Violin)
Mishael Dalman Romano (Violin)
Lim Ho Yi (Violin)
Lim Jinnie (Violin)
Shamita Tamil Selva (Violin)
Lim Pey Hong (Viola)
Muhammad Rizky Ikhsan (Cello)
Shawn Lee (Piano)

Lord of the Dance,
Featuring Mahavidya Dance Theatre..
Which was set up,
To promote Bharatanatyam,
An Indian classical dance,
And was formed 15 years ago...

Past and Present Mix
Featuring Sugar Rush
& Mahavidya Dance Theatre

Loving their version of..
"Kiss The Rain"
So romantic!~

Dahil Sa Iyo & Sukiyaki...
Featuring Singaholic & Waseda Street Corner Symphony..

It's amazing how they carry Japanese song,
So lovely and nice!~
Loving it very much!

All night long....
Full of magical musical,
In KL Performing Art Centre (KL Pac)...

Japanese Anime Medley..
Is really superb!~
You really won't wanna miss it!~

Very cute ballerina Beauty and the Beast...
Bennet Soo (Beast) & Michelle Lam (Belle)
From Tutu Toe Dance Studio..

The night ends..
With Ain't no mountain..
Featuring all performers...

Truly hope Child Aid Asia..
Cound benefits more children..
To have more opportunity,
For an education or training in the arts...

Besides music,
I see beautiful friendship developed among the youth!~
When I see the smile on all the performers' faces...
I realized,
It's really magical...
How music can truly change a child's life!~


Rawlins GLAM said...

Kids are amazing artistes - they perform sincerely thus makes their performances beautiful.

Mahamahu said...

Nice jon kid and youth for to educate the younger generation on good things.

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