Friday, August 11, 2017

Fujiaire 1st WiFi-enabled air-conditioner on 11street

11street Malaysia,
Partnered with Fujiaire Sales & Services Sdn Bhd,
An air-conditioner manufacturer,
Famous for its air-cleaning ioniser system since 1996,
To reach out to more digital consumers,
By introducing its first WiFi-enabled air-conditioner,
With 6 wallpaper sticker designs,
Exclusively on 11street!

The air-conditioner comes to life,
Through the imbued AC Freedom Control App,
To allow users to interact with the unit,
Through WiFi on one's smartphone,
To monitor, schedule and control the temperature of the room,
With one touch from a distance...

That means:
Our smartphone becomes personalized remote control!
Wonderful, isn't it?

Contemporary fan dance performers,
With Chuljin Yoon,
Chief Operating Officer,
And Tan Poh Ai,
Chief Executive Officer,
Fujiaire Sales & Services Sdn Bhd

'Shibui' in Japanese,
Refers to the aesthetic theory of simplicity,
Subtlety and unobtrusive beauty..

One of the super duper cute wallpaper sticker design:

I saw a super cool monster,
Right on the wall!!!

The best part is,
All Fujiaire air-conditioners
Purchased from 11street,
Come with a three-year warranty!!

Hop over 11street,
To get your unit sent to your house now!

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