Monday, October 29, 2018

Checklist of buying a house in Malaysia

Buying a house can be quite a daunting experience especially for first timer. This article will guide you through the checklist that you need to know before buying a house in Malaysia. With so many schemes available for first time home buyers, such as the Skim Rumah Pertamaku, buying a home is less stressful and more affordable, especially for young working adults. There is also a complete guide to the basics of applying for a housing loan for you to refer if you wish to understand more on the process of applying for a housing loan.

1.          Invest in yourself
First of all, you should invest in yourself by educating yourself more on the property knowledge in Malaysia. Spend your free time to meet up with the property experts, investors and homebuyers to learn some knowledge from them.

2.                  Average prices of houses
Next, you will need to do a survey to find out the average property prices in Malaysia. The houses in Kuala Lumpur is the most expensive with an average price of approximately RM500,000.

3.                  Expenditure breakdown
In addition, you will also need have the breakdown of expenditure. You need to plan a budget and manage your finance. It is recommended that you do not allocated more than ⅓ of your monthly income to pay for the home loan.

4.                  Types of home
Next, you will need to decide on which type of house you prefer: apartment, condominium, terrace house, detached house, semi- detached house, townhouse and so on. With no many types of houses available for you to choose from, you need to decide which type of home suits your budget and needs the most.

5.                  Downpayment
After deciding which house you would like to purchase, it comes the down payment. Typically, you will need to pay a 10% of the property’s price as the down payment, if you manage to secure a 90% bank loan. Hence, you will need to ask yourself whether you have enough cash to pay for the down payment.

6.                  Affordability
After that, you need to have a financial plan to determine if you can afford to buy a house. There are expenses that you need to take into account, such as your spending habits, down payment, monthly mortgage payment, savings and so on. You need to make sure you can afford to buy a house before you make a huge commitment of buying a property.

7.                  Home loan and interest rates
Next, you will need to check for interest rates offered by different banks. The interest rates offered by the bank is determined by Base Lending Rate (BLR) that is set by the Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM). However, different banks will have different interest rates as well. Do your research on the interest rates offered by different banks.

8.                  First time homebuyer schemes
You can also check out the first time homebuyer schemes, such as the 1 Malaysia Housing Programme (PR1MA) and My First Home Scheme. Do check out the criteria to see if you are an eligible applicant for the scheme.

9.                  Real estate agent
After checking out the homebuyer schemes, you can now engage an expert or a real estate agent. List down your criteria of home that you are looking out for, such as the type of home, location, size, land tenure, loan tenure and your estimated budget. With their expertise, it will not take them a long time to come back with good news for you.

10.              Offer
After you found the right house for yourself, it is time to make an offer that is agreeable among both the seller and you. Once you have reached an agreeable purchase price, you need to sign the standard documents and make a payment of 2% earnest deposit.

11.              Bank loan
After the signing, you need to find out the different housing loans offered by different banks. Apply for a housing loan that best suits you.

12.              Lower monthly installment
If you wish to lower down your monthly mortgage payment, you could always do so by paying a bigger sum of down payment, apply for a bank loan with the lowest interest rates and opt for a longer period for your housing loan.

13.              Additional costs
Moreover, you will also have to take the additional costs into account. Other than the 10% down payment that you need to pay, there are also the renovation fees, legal fees, stamp duty and a 6% of government service tax that you need to pay for the real estate agent fees.

14.              Seal the deal
After all the signing of documents and loan application, it is time you contact the seller to get your keys to your new house.

15.              Renovation
Once you get your keys, it is time to plan for renovation. Engage with your interior designers and contractors to tell them your desired floor plan and designs that you prefer.

16.              Move in
Lastly, pack your things and move into your new house. Arrange for a housewarming and invite your family and friends over to your new house.  

In conclusion, the procedures of buying a home on your own is not difficult as long as you plan ahead and stay within your budget. Remember to always be realistic as you 


Fadzi Razak said...

It is hard to buy a house these days. Mostly because of the price and the location wise. But these tips really help a lot.

Airah Syahirah said...

thankyou for sharing. sesuai for people yang ada plan on buying house.sometimes need to research and study more before buying a properties

Tengkubutang said...

wah.. bagus entri ni.. boleh digunakan utnuk mereka yang sedang mencari property.. panduan yang perlu diketahui sebelum beli property..

Suria Amanda said...

Yes agree...agree with all the tips because thats all i face when i bought my house on 2009...before that i felt difficult..but after slowly look into all the requirements...i'm parents always help me..

Jia Shin Lee said...

I wish I had these when I got my first home but nevertheless, this is really useful! Thanks for sharing.

Faries said...

Thanks for this checklist. This is very useful for me since i'm aiming to buy house by next year if possible. It quite complicated but since have the checklist. Its better for me and i think more easier.

Mahamahu said...

This very useful info is great for us young people who are planning to buy a home, especially nowadays the time of home prices is unreasonable. It's okay we'll use all this....

Mat Drat said...

Nice sharing... Good info and tips.
Berguna kepada mereka yang ingin membeli rumah, tak kira rumah pertama.... Kedua atau ketiga...

Huda Halid said...

Thanks or sharing. Really good tips and beneficial to me.

Qaseh Dalia said...

Hope one day , dapat juga rumah sendiri hehe nice tips , tq for sharing

nikkhazami said...

there are so many things to think abour before buying a house. it is a big deal in our lives

Hanny Abdullh said...

Sis dah lama dah ada rumah sendiri. Tapi kalau ada lebih duit memang nak juga beli lagi untuk investment. Bagus tips ni buat mereka yang ingin membeli rumah/investment

Mouse Mommy Treats said...

Skim Rumah Pertamaku really helping the first time house buyer to have their first property. Thanks for sharing the good info of checklist to buy a house.

Emi said...

Such a good tips for people like me who doesn't really know about what to do and what to prepare before deciding on buying house.

Zharif Azis said...

Yes, in buying house there are a lot of things need to consider. It’s a big commitment but a great opportunity to grow as a person. Looking forward to buy my first house in the future. I dont know when yet. Hahaha

Seriwangi said...

Skrg ramai org sudah mula merancang utk membeli rumah tp ikut kemampuan masing2

Nadia Johari said...

nak beli rumah kene betul-betul tengok..taknak tertipu atau rumah tu tak best..nice tips..boleh digunakan

JMR said...

Nice sharing..tick one by one sebelum & selepas beli..beli rumah bukan macam beli baju kan

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