Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Garfield and Friends invade Lost World of Tambun

It's big,
It's orange,
It's cuddly.....

Garfield and friends,
Invade Lost World of Tambun!~

From 24 November 2018,
To 1 January 2019,
Visitors may enjoy a plethora of fun-filled activities,
From performances by the classic cartoon characters,
To challenging stations,
That is sure to keep everyone amused,
Throughout the day...

Collect stickers,
With the exclusive Garfield passport,
As going through each Garfield-themed station games!~

Speech by Mr Nurul Nuraizi,
General Manager of Lost World of Tambun..

Happy 40th Birthday,

December babies may get a free slice of cake,
On every weekend throughout the month of December,
By just showing their MyKid or MyKad,
To the LWOT crew!~

Remember to join Garfield and his friends,
During their meet and greet session,
At the House of Garfield,
Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday...

Visitors are encouraged,
To showcase their dance moves,
As they move and groove,
With Garfield at the Awesome Pool Party...

Get a final dose of the big orange cat,
At the Garfield Show at 6:30pm everyday!~

Don't forget to head over to Catopia,
To meet the 'real Garfield'

Remember to check out LWOT's website and facebook page,
For more information on contests throughout the campaign period,
And you'll stand a chance to win LWOT's tickets..
Or mysterious prizes by entering online contests!

For more information,
Log on to the website at www.sunwaylostworldoftambun.com
Or its facebook page at www.facebook.com/lostworldoftambun
Or by calling the park at +605-542 8888


Sherry Go Sharing said...

indeed good to be there to witness it. Glad we have a great time at the hotspring. Wanna go again if there's chance , missed the place, the last time I went alone was 2016.

Fiza Rahman said...

Garfield... My favorite character masa zaman sekolah dulu. Bestnya dapat meet and greet Garfield and his friends. Tak pernah pergi lagi The Last World of Tambun.

Fadzi Razak said...

I have been wanting to bring my family yo Lost World of Tambun since forever. Now we got more reason to go there to see Garfield hehehe

Tengkubutang said...

i duduk kat ipoh dulu pun tak pernah pergi Lost World Of Tambun.. huhu.. teringin nak pergi.. nanti nak ajak adik pergi

Mahamahu said...

Wow there is a real Garfield kat Lost World Of Tambung hehehe very cute but it looks like it is jer jer sama very much with the cartoon character. Long time does not go here if you want to rest again like this ..

5 Little Angels said...

We indeed had a great time together with Sherry. Makes me feel younger when I see my favourite comic icon, Garfield and his friends are there.

Mimie said...

Wah garfield. I love and like garfield itself. So cute character. Never been at Lost World of Tambun before. I need to plan my holiday to go to Tambun after this

Faries said...

Garfield is one of my fav cartoon when i was kid. i still remember i used to draw garfield cartoon. Omg i miss the moment so much.Btw this is good attraction made by Lost World Tambun to introduce kids nowdays about garfield.hehehe

Qeela said...

waa I used to grow up and loving, oh no, not just loving but obsessed with Garfield! It’s so legendary and brinns back lots of happy childhood memories hehe. Good to know this!

nikkhazami said...

budak2 sekarang dah tak kenal sangat dengan kartun ni.. elok tayang balik kat tv supaya mereka tahu kecomelan kucing gemok ni. hehe

Bella Jamal said...

Real Garfield tu menarik! December babies bolehlah redeem kek. Cuti sekolah pun dah dekat, sesuailah bawa anak2 bergembira bersama Garfield and friends.

Mouse Mommy Treats said...

Kawaii ne Garfield! One of our childhood favourite cartoon too! Happy holidays with family!

Emi said...

wahhh, garfield is my fav character of cartoon during my childhood.

Jia Shin Lee said...

Garfield is so cute, I've not seen much of it ever since I was a kid, used to read the comics.

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

bestnya ada garfield..super cute la karektor ini. ni yang tak sabar nak bawa anak-anak datang sini..boleh explore lwot hehehehe..bestt best

Ruby said...

Lepas ni pasti ramai ke LWOT sebab ada Garfield. Comel sangat.

Seriwangi said...

Wah..bestnya dpt jumpa Garfield..bdk2 mmg happy klu kita bwk tempat macam ni

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