Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Grabean Mobile App Service

I get ocarina of my choice,
Through Grabean Apps!~

Grabean app can be downloaded,
Via Google & Android Play Store,
Or Apple App Store..

Can always shop by country or by category...

Very clear instruction,
On how to become a requester,
Or a traveler...

Can login via website anytime, too!~

The process of buying:
Post Request,
View Offer,
Accept and make payment
Waiting for deliver / collection
Release payment to traveler

Requester: Your Preferred Global Personal Shopper...

It is the first platform,
That can request for personalized buying request...
Whereby traveler will help to purchase as your preference...

Allow you to set your price and interact with travelers,
Including the original price and tips for traveler..

It is using Escrow payment,
Which is safety payment...

It's an effortless shopping experience,
Whereby I can shop for any item from the world,
By traveler travel to the country...
And there are more than 200++ travelers,
That are stand by and ready to help..

Save VAT and International Shipping Fee,
Since the traveler already have planning to travel,
Just need to pay a bit tips...

And the shopping process is as simple as 1-2-3:
Step 1: Post an item and price
Step 2: Accept offer and pay
Step 3: Receive order

Now I'm looking forward..
To become a traveler,
And earn a little tips,
When I fly oversea...

For traveler: You Travel, We subsidize..

Can always earn while travel..
Up to few trips per year
With Scheduled itinerary,
And make use of luggage space..
Ready request and bargain price,
Since can use live comment with requester to communicate

It's not hectic at all,
Since will offer courier pick up service.
If requester choose to pick up,
Travelers just need to pack,
And wait for courier pick up from your address.

Grabean allows to go global,
And travel from all around the world...

Earning tips is as simple as A-B-C:
Step A: Schedule your trip
Step B: Offer to help + offer price
Step C: Bought and receive payment.

Are you travelling anytime in near future?
Do you wanna buy something that's only available at certain country?
Download Grabean app today!


Ezna Khalili said...

Banyaknya apps kat pasaran ye?. Baguslah kalau memberi banyak manfaat kepada kita. Nanti boleh lah download apps ini.

Cik Lily Putih said...

bagus jugak application ni, looks like macam personal shopper jugak. order je thru online then barang pun sampai

amirnawawi said...

Oh1 I ingatkan ape la apps ni. Rupanya untuk personal shopper. Ok la macam ni. Senang utnuk sesiapa yang igninkan barangan dari luar negara. Dah pelancong di luar negara juga dapat duit poket. Good

Qeela said...

oh good to know this. I’ve heard of this Grabean before but not yet try to use it. It’s great that this kind of service growing little by little here, as it’ll be ao convenient for those whom not able to travel and good opportunity for the traveler as well 😍

Suria Amanda said...

This is a good apps..can make me going crazy and crazy shopping online...habislah duit gaji tak lama lagi...banyak barang menarik kat sini la...

Mouse Mommy Treats said...

This is sounds cool! Can travel, shop, earn tips. Hmm... great service!

Mouse Mommy Treats said...

This is great idea and concept for traveller and shopper! Love it! I wanna register too!

Qaseh Dalia said...

Owh wow first time tahu pasal app ni , ingatkan untuk grab , heheh tq for sharing

adianiez AIDA said...

It sounds interesting. Need time to explore. I like to shop online. And travel too!

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

tak pernah dengar pasal apps ni. tapi Nampak menarik and banyak juga benefits ya...bolehlah try dload..dan tengok macam mana

Hanny Abdullh said...

Dah macam-macam apps ada sekarang ni ya. Pening dah kepala nak pilih yang mana satu..hehehe. Kalau nak pilih kena pastikan yang ianya berpatutan atau tidak, nanti sis survey2 lagi tentang apps ni

Nadia Johari said...

wah apps baru ye..nanti nak usha la tengok dulu..mcm menarik..macam-macam apps ada sekrg ni..semuanya memang berguna untuk kita semua..

Cik Min said...

1st time heard about this grabean..not bad! Will try this it more like lazada n shoppee? So mati laaa..hahha asyik nak shopping je i nanti

Mimie said...

Wah great apps. Will download later so i can shopping something special at other country

Huda Halid said...

Wow, very nice app! Should try it soon. Thanks for sharing!

JMR said...

Grabean? new apps ke ni? seems there's so many good function..nanti nak donwload and survey apa-apa yang menarik di sana

dr-Life said...

hmmm... first time hearing this app and goonna check this out to see what they have!

nikkhazami said...

seems like a personal shopper. very cool apps.. downloading it right now. who knows if i might buy something from overseas heheh

Rawlins GLAM said...

Wow. More and more apps to shop. Makes life even easier to choose to buy items online. Thanks for sharing.

Mermaid said...

Grabean apps satu apps baru yang ika belum try. Mungkin boleh cuba nanti Ika . Excited to explore the apps. Ika ni kaki shopping!hoho

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