Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Johnson's Baby Of The Year 2018

10 years ago...
My little prince is selected as..
One of the semi-finalists...
Of Baby of the Year 2008

10 years later....
Johnson's Baby of the Year..
Is held annually until 2018
Bigger, more prizes,
Grand, more participants..
With the eminent theme of
"The Royal Celebration for Johnson's 125 Years With Your Princes & Princesses"

Little princes and princesses,
Will take home the prestigious...
Johnson's Baby of the Year Contest 2018,
Crown and exciting prizes worth up to RM80,000!

Johnson's always understands..
How parents cherish their children,
As princes and princesses...

The brand wants to help mums,
Shower little ones,
With 'Royal Treatment'
As entering children's photos,
For the contest...

How to enter:
1. Purchase any Johnson's baby product from 1st September to 31st October 2018
2. Snap a photo of charming child and visit website
3. Select a royal themed frame and decorate the photos. Upload the picture.
4. COmplete the form and submit entries.

Create more fun,
By decorating pictures at

The 4 regal themes:
Royal adventure, Magical Snow...

 Stardust Fairies and Modern Monarchy...

A pair of prince and princess,,
Will be crowned winners,
In each age category of:
0 to 12 months,
1 to 3 years old,
4 to 6 years old.

Each of the winner,
Will take home RM5,000 cash,
And a Johnson's hamper worth RM400

Winners will be bestowed with,
Once-in-a-lifetime experience of..
Being featured on a magazine cover!

10 Consolation prize winners,
Will be selected in every category,
To receive RM500 cash,
And Johnson's hamper worth RM400 each!

During the selection process,
36 shortlisted entries (12 from each category)
Will be uploaded to Johnson's facebook page,
For consumer voting...

Good luck!!!!!!


✿Cik Cappuccino Latte ✿ said...

Bagus juha pwrtandingan macam ni . Hadiah pun berbaloi

Sherry Go Sharing said...

so cute love all pics, your price so handsome. Yeah using this range too, suitable for adults too.

Rawlins GLAM said...

Such cute babies. I wish I have a baby to dress up and enter the contest too. All the best to those that joins.

adianiez AIDA said...

good luck.
hadiah nyer lumayan.
bertuah if menang.
got a son age 6. but, i know la, he will not cooperate when it comes to photoshooting.
mood dia ikut diri dia sendiri hi hi hi hi...

Syaza Redzuu said...

Woohoo! Contest for Baby of The Year! Your baby is cute btw. hehe. Good luck and all the best!

Suria Amanda said...

Good luck!!!me too love Johnson and Johnson very much...only this brand suitable with my kids skin..still using until now even my kids now 14 yrs old

Abby Onety said...

Johnson's baby nihnsudah terpercaya dari jaman ke jaman. Bukan hanya baby yg pakai dewasa.pun biasa pake hehehee

Huda Halid said...

Wah,congratulation for your kids achievement in previous contest. The prize is interesting.

apekinahdotcom said...

Wah Johnsons ada buat pertandingan. Hadiahnya pun boleh tahan meriah. Nak try jugakla.

MaisarahSidi said...

Comelnya kedua-dua putera dan puteri tu hehe. Semoga berjaya! Mana tahu ada rezeki terpilih sebagai pemenang nanti kan :)

Bonde Zaidalifah said...

I wish Good luck for u Baby join Contest Baby Johnson so cutee

JMR said...

Good luck..ramai gak finalist, 36 orang tu..tak sabar nak tunggu siapa Baby of The Year 2018 nanti

Qeela said...

wow nicee, yeah i think i’ve been seeing this campaign everywhere now hehe. perhaps i really do should try to enter too, who knows i might get lucky hehe.

Zharif Azis said...

your son is so adorable with that crown n cape. wow !! so many prizes to be won. you are so lucky to be selected. may the luck be with you. all the best for the contest ya !!

Hanny Abdullh said...

Syionya kalau ada anak kecik..macam2 contest boleh masuk sekarang. Nak pinjam anak siapa lah sis ni ya..anak2 sume dah besar..hehehe

penaberkala said...

Waah, ada contest best. Nak suruh my niece and nephew join la nanti.. hadiah pun not bad, lifetime experience for them

Alia Farhan said...

Gud luck babe..may the best entry win!

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