Friday, October 5, 2018

Boost x 11street Partnership Launch

Boost and 11street,
Enhance your online shopping experience,
With eWallet collaboration..

Opening speech by Mr Christopher Tiffin,
CEO of Boost..

Welcome remark by Mr Cheong Chia Chou,
CEO of 11street...

11street is tapping into the cashless payment trend,
Through its partnership with Boost,
To offer shoppers a more convenient way,
To pay for their online purchases.

The new collaboration,
Is the first eWallet service,
To offer online shoppers,
The ease and security of both:
Mobile payment and web payment,
Via QR code and pin entry,
On an eCommerce platform.

Boost and 11street is also launching..
'Win A Car' Campaign,
Where customers stand a chance,
To win prizes worth up to RM86,000
Including 11street vouchers,
Game consoles, mobile phones,
And the grand prize of brand new Myvi.

Starting from 28 September to 30 November 2018,
Customers who shop via the website, mobile app, mobile web,
Or the store front to the Boost app,
And make payment with Boost mobile wallet,
Will qualify to be in the running to win attractive prizes.

Each shoppers's first purchase over RM40,
Paid with the Boost mobile wallet,
Will entitle the shopper to one entry,
Users will also be entitled to 3 additional entries,
For every subsequent RM40 transaction made via Boost.

The more you shop,
The more chances you win!

Download Boost app and 11street app,
On Google Play Store or the App Store.

Find out more on how Boost app works on 11street platform,
Visit 11street FAQ page here...


adianiez AIDA said...

What a great colloboration. Cashless transaction is the best.
Long time i didn't click 11thStreet hu hu hu... Cashless! ha ha ha...

Sherry Go Sharing said...

so easy now to shop online with Internet. I hope to have more money I can spend and yeah 11street one of my fav shopping web too. Often shopping there when I have the money, if not .. I just save first til I have enough.

Airah Syahirah said...

wah what a great deal. I memang suka shopping lepasni nak browse 11street la

Mahamahu said...

Wow Boost can be used for purchasing 11street ker hehehe ok nice ni easy and easy hehehe but we rarely buy it there no matter what we will buy 11street always...

Lin Liena said...

dah lama tak masuk 11 street...hehe...dah kurang shoping online sekarang ni...sekarang ni macam best jer sbb cashless kan...

Suria Amanda said...

wow..the collaboration is really great..11 street is always my fav..still blur on boost apps but after this need to read again the benefits

Alia Farhan said...

Wow da go cashless ya..i pun dah lama x shopping guna 11street ni..nanti.boleh usha2 apa yg murah kt sini

Hanny Abdullh said...

Dah ada apps boost ni, dulu masa puasa sempat muatnaik aplikasi ni sebab nak beli barang dengan harga murah..:D.

Mat Drat said...

i like this collaboration. really good. menyenangkan kita sebagai user dan customer.

Mimie said...

Wow cashless transaction..i like.. After this, lagi mudah nak sjopping di 11 street. 11 street beat juga nak shopping. Tapi tu la long time i didn't shopping at 11 street

Nadia Johari said...

Love shopping online very much..tapi jarang shopping dekat 11 street..kene cuba ni..ade contest lagi..mana tau luck

Emi said...

Wowww. So now boost also do partnership with 11street. It is a good news for those who do shopping at 11street.

Betty's Journey said...

I using boost apps. Glad they partnering with 11street. More choices place to use boost app.

Nina Mirza said...

Nina pun ada apps boots ni. Senang sangat. Pi shopping tak yah carry cash dah. Senang nak budget, tak de laaa terbelanja lebih. Hehee

Ruby said...

Bagus kolabrasi ni. Tapi I still prefer online banking. Hahaha. Banyak e-wallet sekarang ni. I suka boost di Pasar Malam. Itu memang convenient sebab I tak kalut cari duit sambil pegang tangan anak. Haha

Bonde Zaidalifah said...

Tahniah 11 street untuk majlis pelancaran ini. event nampak meriah sekali. Nanti bolehlah guna Apps Boost ni..

Zharif Azis said...

What a great collaboration. I am a boost apps user. They used to collaborate with boost juice but now seems like they were no longer collaborated. Sad. Hopefully, in the future, boost will collaborate with more brands. Now they still lack of collaborations

Lia Hasty said...

Wah collaboration between Boost & 11 street. This so amazing & the lucky one can win the good prizes.

Seriwangi said... online skrg dah xpyh nk pg ke mall nk shopping,klu mls beli online jer

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