Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Dutch Lady Breakfast Challenge 2018

Is the most important meal of the day.......
I'd like to share~~~
My unique Dutch Lady Breakfast experience...

A cup of dutch lady milk,
With waffle and fruits:
Strawberries, kiwi, grapes...
I feels flowers growing in my heart!~
A simple breakfast that really makes my day!

I start my day strong,
With very simple breakfast...
Orange, blueberries, strawberries, cheese...
Of course,
Not forgetting a cuppa Dutch Lady milk!~

Be it sunny days...
Or Rainy days...
I never skip my breakfast...

I can see rainbow throughout my days...
Starting my day strong,
With protein from milk!~

An apple a day,
Keeps the doctor away...
An apple + Dutch Lady milk,
Keeps the doctor far far away!~

During hectic days...
My quick grab as breakfast!

Antioxidants from berries,
Proteins from milk..

It's yummy!
It's delicious!
It's healthy!~

There's really no need to skip any breakfast,
Even when I'm in super hurry!~
Take a quick berry grab!

My easy feast...
Granola with oats, nuts and berries..
Pairing up with Dutch Lady milk!

Nutritious breakfast of the day!

My Fave Brekkie:
Cereals swimming in my milk!~

Easy to prepare, too!

Even a simple meal,
Milk with biscuit..
Could b a satisfying meal~

I love to add in Dutch Lady milk..
Into my drinks, too!

Milk tea,
Milk chocolate,
Milk coffee!
It tastes extra delicious,
With the additional 'touch up'
From Dutch Lady milk!~

Last but not least,
Thanks Dutch Lady,
For sending over,
The yummilicious breakfast box!~

Remember to join Dutch Lady's 3-themed Breakfast Challenge,
And stand a chance to win exciting prizes,
Worth more than RM35,000
Including a unique breakfast experience!~

Quick Grabs: 8th Oct - 19th Oct
Easy Feast: 20th Oct - 28th Oct
Fave Brekkie: 29th Oct - 11th Nov

Just shared your breakfast photo according to the 3 themes above..
And hashtag #dutchladymy #strongstart

Click on the link below,
To learn more about the contest:
For more information,
Hop over to Dutch Lady's Facebook Page!


Anonymous said...

Good luck!

Julia Mahir said...

Breakfast like a king, they say! I cant never leave home without breakfast too. Tummy so manja already, trained like that since small. Hehe.

Mahagosip said...

Wow your breakfast so healthy every day like this your body fit hehehehe Sebab saya selalu sarapan memang yang heavy hehehe plus got Dutch Lady very delicious ...

Ezna Khalili said...

Breakfast bagus kerana kita semalaman tak makan. Kena recharge balik untuk menggerakkan otak kita menjalankan aktiviti pada hari tersebut. Kalau ada anak yang bersekolah, sarapan akan membuatkan mereka fokus di sekolah.

Nurhasanah Ismail said...

Wow, banyak resepi breakfast with dutch lady! my kids also love dutch lady fresh milk. Bila beli sure berebut one. Haha.

Bella Jamal said...

I alwayz skip breakfast coz working at noon shift. Rindu nak breakfast nasi lemak and so on. Huhu. Btw, Dutch Lady Milk is my faveret brand compare to others. Sedap!

Nadia Johari said...

sarapan memang bagus untuk mulakan hari dengan penuh tenaga. Susu dutch lady nad pun suka..sedap..selamat bersarapan

Faries said...

Most of your breafast shown from day 1 to 5 look healthy and easy to prepare. I take dutchlady full cream as my daily breakfast too. Btw gudluck for this competition

nikkhazami said...

granola and milk.. whta could possibly go wrong kan? dutch lady ni boleh minum, dan dimasukkan dalam dalam makanan.. lovvee it!

Rawlins GLAM said...

Starting our day strong is the key to a productive day and milk is a great addition to our menu too.

Mimie said...

Susu dutch lady memnag bagus diamalkan untuk harian kita. Sekarang ni kita memang kena banyak makan makanan berkhasiat

Emi said...

Whoahhh, aĺl your breakfast looks very simple. good luck! said...

Pelbagai cara bileh dilakukan untuk breakfast dengan susu dutch lady ni. Anak2 saya memang sukakan rasa dan bau susu ini. Saya?? Tak minum susu hihihi

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

I need to start drinking more milk too. recently have become not that flexible as before. hopefully I can become healthier soon

Zayani Zulkiffli said...

Easy sarapan pagi dengan Dutch Lady. I memang always ambil susu untuk pagi. Suka sebab sedap and easy.

Ruby said...

Senang bila ada Susu Dutch Lady di rumah. Anak bangun pagi pun tau apa perlu mereka buat. Ambil bijirin, susu dalam peti sejuk. Kita pun senang nak buat kerja rumah. Hehe

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